aboutI heard about from my Sister-in-law. She was wearing the most adorable romper to a party and told me she ordered it from the site. After checking it out I was really impressed with the clothing and even more excited about the prices. The clothing was cheap! I decided to order a couple pieces that were inexpensive so I would’t lose too much money if it was a fake business.

Prior to ordering from the site I was warned that they can take months to send the clothing. I found this to be totally accurate. It ended up taking a couple months for my two items to arrive. I was really happy with the look at fit of the clothes. The fabric wasn’t the highest quality but I didn’t expect much because the price was so low. I was able to wear the clothes throughout the winter season but they started to break and fray a few months after I got them. Not good.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d buy from them again because the pieces were so flimsy and it takes FOREVER to get the items. They were cute while they lasted but not cute enough for me to overlook those major flaws. I’ve also heard that trying to return the items is a nightmare and customer service is slow to respond. I wouldn’t recommend this site and think you should take your business elsewhere. Happy shopping!

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