New Beauty and the Beast Review-Toddler Friendly?

I went to see the new Beauty and the Beast on it’s opening day with several of my girlfriends. I was mainly trying to watch it with a toddler’s perspective since I have young children. My kids love the original cartoon so I was hopeful the new live action version would be fun to go to as a family. I was getting mixed information on some sites about the general rating. Some sites said it was PG-13 and some said it was PG. The Disney site states it’s PG so I guess we will go with that.

I really tried to walk into this film with no expectations but having seen the original cartoon since I was a child it was difficult to not have high standards for this film. Also, I’ve seen the new Jungle Book, Cinderella and Pete’s Dragon in the last few years and loved them all so it’s only natural I expected to love this one as well.

Right off the bat the first thing I noticed was that the singing wasn’t as good as the cartoon version. The movie also seems to move really quickly or it’s the graphics that almost seem to blur together. It felt like the film was constantly moving too fast through scenery and wasn’t really focused. It didn’t like that. Perhaps it was because they made the movie to be more for a 3D experience. The whole movie just felt fake to me and I didn’t really feel connected with the characters. I didn’t even think Gaston was that terrible and I really felt that in the original. The characters didn’t keep my attention at all, so much so that I actually fell asleep at some point. They just weren’t that lovable or likable even though they tried hard to be.

The main event in the movie I was looking forward to was the look of the Beast. I was disappointed. He didn’t seem that real to me and with all the CGI we have now I was expecting a more real looking animal. He did have great detail but wasn’t what I was expecting.However, he was scary and dark so they nailed that part. The other thing I really didn’t like was the Beast getting shot at the end. I thought it was unusually cruel and didn’t love that change to the script.

I also felt the introduction of LeFou, the first openly gay character, was just unnecessary. Why change him? It didn’t add any depth to his story and just added drama around the film’s opening.

One thing that was fun about this movie was the extra songs they added. They added about two more songs to this film. They were simple and sweet. I always love Disney music so it was a plus.

So if you haven’t caught on I didn’t love this movie. I wouldn’t even recommend seeing it in a theater. If you have to see it, then wait till DVD. I honestly thought everything about the original movie was better than this film: the singing, acting, story, you name it. I also saw the Broadway play and it was wonderful. I just didn’t love this film.

Also, I would not recommend taking your toddler to this. The Beast is more scary in this film simply because he looks more real. The wolves also look real and I think the scene where they attack the Beast would really scare a young child. I wouldn’t want my children seeing the Beast get shot at the end or several other scary scenes throughout the film. This movie was made more for adults. I won’t be letting my toddlers see this film which is unfortunate because they do love the original.

If you’d like to give your feedback about the movie then, “Be My Guest.” I hope this review does encourage you to see the original film, which you could likely rent from your local library if you don’t own it. You’ll love the classic film and so will your littles.

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