Panic Attack Solution #6-See a Therapist

Seeing a therapist, counselor or spiritual mentor should be one of the first things you do when you have panic attacks. A professional who will guide you through your thoughts and help you understand why you are having these issues. Sometimes panic attacks are caused by a trigger and it can be hard to realize what exactly it is that’s setting you off. An outsider can give you an unbiased perspective on your thoughts.


Personally, I’ve been in therapy on and off throughout my life. I previously went to therapy because I was forced to go as a child not because I wanted to go. This time around I’m hoping, since I am going by choice, I will stay in it for a longer amount of time. It’s always difficult to be in a room with a stranger and be expected to dump all your emotional baggage at their feet. However, once you find a professional you feel truly comfortable with you’ll be able to explore your feelings at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

When I started my recent therapy sessions one of the first things he asked me to do was to keep a journal of when my panic attacks occurred (time, date), what was happening when they hit and what thoughts did I have when they came on. We reviewed my journal in my session and I couldn’t see any patterns for when my attacks started but he noticed that I tend to have a hard time with transitions. After reviewing my notes again, the pattern became clear to me as well. I would have never have realized it if he hadn’t noticed it. Sometimes it can take another set of eyes looking at your life to find out new things about yourself. I am learning so much in every session and discovering issues that I never even knew were still bothering me. It’s helping my brain sort out my thoughts better and explains why I have anxiety about certain things and not others.

When you want to learn math you find a really great math teacher to help you so it’s only logical that if you want to learn why you are having panic attacks you find a therapist who can teach you about your triggers. If you want to get healthy again. then go out and start interviewing therapists today. Find the perfect one for you and stick with it.

Insider Tip: Before I went to therapy I was told to never charge it on your insurance and always pay cash if possible. The simple reason for this is you never want anything in therapy to be put on your permanent medical record. If you a clinically diagnosed with depression it can interfere with you getting life insurance, health insurance (if Obamacare is no longer offered) and other important necessities. You really don’t want people to be able to look up your mental health issues so it’s best to pay with cash and keep a clean slate.

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