Panic Attacks-Solution #1 Take a Daily MultiVitamin

It seems simple right? Take a daily vitamin and it will help relieve stress. Seriously? My answer to this would be a resounding, “YES!” When I started having panic attacks my mother’s first question was, “Do you take a vitamin?” She further explained that vitamin deficiencies can cause huge problems in your body. My mom does work in the medical field so I usually listen when she gives suggestions or advice. She noted that something as simple as a vitamin D deficiency could cause depression, especially in the winter months. I started to research the topic further and found there is some medical research to back up what she was saying. Just doing a simple Goole search will give you tons of information on all the deficiencies that can cause depression or anxiety.

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the articles:

That’s just a short list of all the articles out there on how not having enough of vitamin B12 or D can cause depression or even anxiety. It’s nuts to think that they can control so much of our body but it’s true. Many people no longer eat a well balanced diet and therefor do not get all their vitamin’s from their daily foods. If you eat lots of processed foods or take part in a fad diet like the low-carb diet, then you will likely need to take a multivitamin. You’re body needs all those yummy minerals and nutrition to properly function and will retaliate and may cause unwanted symptoms like depression, anxiety or panic if you don’t get them. It’s no joke.

We’ve also made other modern changes that really put a damper on getting vitamins naturally. For example, in the past we used to get all the vitamin D we needed just by sitting in the sun but now we wear sunscreen and it blocks D from getting through our skin so we can absorb it into our body. In order to absorb it you need to sit out in the sun without sunscreen and for some of us who have a high skin cancer risk that’s really not an option. So the only other option is to take a vitamin.

Also, I did a lot of research on vitamins you can take to master anxiety and magnesium comes up agin and agin. The thought is that magnesium acts as a muscle relaxer for the heart and since you often have a thumping heart when you panic it will stop the attack because your heart will be in a relaxed state. It will remain calm essentially. I tried it but was then was warned by a medical professional to be extremely careful because it can actually cause terrible heart problems if you overdose on it. Scary! Another natural product that’s often used is called 5-HTP. This is a supplement that boost serotonin in the body, which is what all the medications do that the Dr.’s give out. The risky thing about this is you can get something known as serotonin syndrome. This is when your body overdoses on serotonin and can cause a coma or death. It’s extremely serious and not something to mess around with. My point is that you need to be extremely careful when taking any supplements yourself. Most say, “All Natural” or “Completely Safe,” but as someone who got full blown hives from an “all natural” medication I can say for sure they aren’t always safe. That’s why I would just recommend taking a daily vitamin. One daily vitamin is usually recommend and safe for most people. It’s not likely to cause an overdose or harm you. I would stick with a daily vitamin unless you are instructed by Dr. and monitored closely.

Personally, I take a Women’s One A Day vitamin and it’s not caused any adverse problems and seems to give me a little more energy. Taking a vitamin isn’t going to cure your panic but it certainly can’t hurt.

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