Panic Attack Solution #3-Exercise

When you suffer panic attacks one of the first things all the books and information on anxiety will tell you is that working out can helps. They all stress the same thing,”Physical health and mental health are tied together.” It seems you can’t have one without the other. When I started getting panic attacks I’d been getting really lazy about my physical wellness and didn’t make an effort to get my body in shape. After my second kid working out just seemed impossible. Where was I going to find the time?

I have been putting off joining our local gym for some time making excuses such as, “It costs too much! I’ll never use my membership! It’s too far of a drive.” However, once I got sick I started to change my thoughts. Suddenly joining the gym seemed not only important but an essential step in getting my mental health back. I had to have a family member drive me to register because my mind was so gone but I did it and I’m so thankful I did.

My gym offers childcare. I would strongly recommend joining a gym that offers childcare if you have kids. Parents often suggest that because they don’t have someone to take care of their kids they can’t go workout. You are no longer allowed to use that excuse. Get to the gym and start moving those muscles. Working out helps your body overall but it really helps boost your endorphin levels, which act as natural relaxers for the brain. It other words it will literally make you happy if you workout and relieve stress.

Hitting the gym can also help regulate your sleep. Many people who suffer from depression have trouble sleeping so working out is a natural way you can help get a better nights sleep. Also, when you are increasing your heart rate it automatically distracts you from the negative thoughts your mind is focusing on, which is an added perk.

Time and time again we see doctors recommending working out and it’s time to take them seriously, especially if you have a mental illness. I strongly believe that going to the gym has changed my life in a massive way. Not only do I get “me” time now but I also am getting mentally stronger every day because of it. A quick tip: Most research I found mentioned that a cardio workout is best for relieving stress or anxiety. Try a fitness routine that really makes you sweat and it will pay off big time.


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