Panic Attack Solution #2-Get some Sun

One of the first things my mom suggested after I started having panic attacks was to sit in the sunshine everyday. Not for hours at a time but for at least 20-30 minutes every day with no sunscreen on so my skin can absorb the vitamin D. A low level of vitamin D has been known to play a part in anxiety so why not try a free treatment of sunning yourself to see if it helps? I have freckles so I don’t like to be in the sun very often without sunscreen but I’m learning that it actually blocks the D from absorbing into your skin. Being in the sun for a short time every day without sunscreen probably won’t do extreme damage to your skin so give it a try.

Another great reason for soaking up the sun is because many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression. For some, the lack of sunshine during the winter can cause them to get anxious or depressed so they really need to get out and enjoy the sun. It’s a huge help to people who experience SAD.If you think your depression is seasonal, then get outside and start getting more sun. It will boost your mood and your mind. Enjoy!





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