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I am so excited to share this DIY project. I found this gem of an idea on Pinterest, of course, and it was totally simple to do. I’m not big on DIY projects because I don’t consider myself a crafty person. I have a huge wall in my house that was just a massive blank space. I never knew what to do with it and once I saw the pin I knew instantly that it could work for the space. The simple idea is that you take a shower curtain and make it into a giant work of art. That’s it.

I went to a few home stores and looked at the shower curtains and finally found one that I thought would work as an art piece. The curtain is 72″x72″ so it makes a huge perfect square. I would recommend getting a fabric shower curtain rather than one of the plastic ones because it will have a canvas look to it. We got six 2″x1″ wooden poles from Lowe’s. My husband cut them as needed. The top and bottom of the frame were cut to 69″ and then he cut four of them to 67″ for the sides and two middle vertical supports.

After you open the curtain you will need to iron it to get the wrinkles out. I tried putting it in the dryer and they didn’t come out. Once it’s nice and wrinkle free you simply start stapling the curtain to the wood frame you previously nailed together. Pull the curtain as tight as you can for the staples. This is definitely a two person job. Once it’s stapled and done you should have a massive piece of art for your home. All in all the entire project cost under $40.

Since I’ve put it up I’ve had tons of compliments on it. It’s instantly noticeable and people have no idea it was made from a shower curtain. They are shocked when I tell them that’s what it’s made of. Here’s an extra tip: Get a few pieces of 2″x1″ wood and cut some short horizontal pieces for support on the back to put in between the vertical supports. Once we were done we noticed that the tightness of the curtain made the flimsy wood bow in on the sides and those extra supports would prevent it from happening. I really loved this project because A) It saved us a ton of money B)It wasn’t hard to do.

Here are the original project instructions I found on Pinterest:


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