Disney on Ice with Toddlers-Worlds of Enchantment Review

Recently, we went to our first Disney on Ice show in Phoenix and it was a total hit. We went to World’s of Enchantment that included Mickey & Minnie, the Toy Story Cast, Cars, the Little Mermaid and the Frozen cast. Since my kids are 2 and 4 I wasn’t sure they would really enjoy the show. When we walked in the building we were overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise being sold. It’s nearly impossible to get out of the building without buying something because your child will see toys and treats every 30 seconds when the sales people walk up and down the aisles.

Once we made it to our seats I also noticed how loud the speakers where. I was worried my children would get overwhelmed by the noise but they were fine. The show starts off with my kids’ favorite characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. They are the MC’s of the event and will come out to introduce every act. Toy Story was up first and it was just amazing. The skaters did jumps and acted out the entire movie on ice. Pretty much every character you can think of from Toy Story 3 was in the show. I was in awe of how Ham even skated. The characters were not only on ice but flying around above us. I will say that this is the one show, I felt, that lasted a little too long. I know it takes time to act out the entire movie but I thought there were some Barbie and Ken dances that could have been easily cut.

Next up was The Little Mermaid. This was such a fun show to watch. Ariel had a beautiful costume and the kids were excited to see her. They moved from one song to the next and quickly acted out the movie. The best part of this show were the bubbles that came out all over the stadium. It was such a fun surprise that my kids really got excited about. The only warning I would mention is Ursula comes out a lot so if your child is afraid of her, then you may want to pass on the show. My son loves her so it wasn’t an issue for us.

After the first two acts we had short intermission. I honestly could have done without it and have the show just be over quicker. I’m sure they do this to sell more merchandise.

The third act was the Cars group. My son was excited to see all the Cars but my 2 year old wasn’t as thrilled. The cars had a few special effects that scared her. They had loud bang noises that would hurt her ears. Occasionally they sparked and threw flames and she really didn’t like that at all. She hid her face in my lap almost the whole show. I’m so thankful this was a short show. I was really impressed with how they even get all the Cars to do a coordinated show on ice. It seems like it would be very difficult.

Lastly, everyone’s favorite show, Frozen came on. They moved easily from one song to the next telling the story of the two sisters. The one cast member who was noticeably absent from the story was Sven. I’m not sure why he wasn’t included. Perhaps, getting a reindeer on ice skates is more difficult than it seems. The kids loved the beautiful dresses and props. The only down side to this show was again the special affects. They used sparks and loud booms when Elsa used magic, which scared my daughter. The best part of the show is when they make it snow. It’s so beautiful and the kids get all excited. It was so fun to look around and see tons of little girls singing and dancing along with the music. This was truly our favorite show of the day.

All in all I really loved our first Disney on Ice experience and I would definitely go back. The one thing I was disappointed in was how expensive the tickets were. It was easily $150 for all four of us to go. When I tried to buy tickets Ticketmaster kept charging me for adult seats rather than kids. I called and was informed that Disney only offers a few “kid priced seats” for the show and the rest are all adult prices. This was a little shocking to me, especially since it’s a kid’s show. They do this because if you want to sit close then you are forced to buy adult priced seats for your children because there simply are no child priced seats that close. It’s frustrating but this is one of those shows where you want to be as close as possible so your kids can see everything. There is no jumbotron showing everything going on so if you’re up on the 2nd level your little ones will have a really hard time seeing it. Also, it is an ice show so make sure you bring jackets for the kiddos in case they get cold. Also, most shows are 2 hours of less and kids 2 and up need a ticket.

The Worlds of Enchantment show is wrapped up for the year but the next show is Dream Big. It should be a great show filled with all of Disney’s favorite princesses. You’re little girl is sure to love it.

I hope you go and take your littles to one of their shows. It’s magical!


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