Decorating My Toddler Girl’s Room

My almost 2 year old has never slept in her own room. She’s been in our room pretty much since she was born. She sleeps in her pack-n-play and then crawls into our bed every night. I decided enough is enough and she needs to be in her own room. I ordered a trundle bed so she could sleep on the bottom bed and we wouldn’t have to worry she’d fall out of the big bed.

I’m pretty picky about decorating. I am also not girly so I didn’t want tons of pink everywhere. That’s just not my decor style. I actually had to reign myself in a bit because I started getting a little too excited about decorating and my husband reminded me that she’s only 1 and she likely won’t spend much time in her room. I mainly focused on the bed and I’ll worry about the rest later.

I got the trundle bed from Wayfair. It was a total steal at $281. The bedding was all from Target. I found the main comforter in the teen section at Target and the rest came mostly from the Pillowfort collection. We also ordered one mattress from Amazon that was about $99 and then the second was from Costco and was around $150. The total cost was a little over $500.

I am so happy with the way the bed came out. The theme colors for her room are dark blue, coral, gold and light blue. It has the perfect selection of feminine colors with a touch of classic whimsey. We are trying to give her room a classy Disney feel. I’ll write a later post about the beautiful art we ordered for her room.

She does like her new bed and she’s now sleeping in it for most of the night. It will take time but I’m hopeful she’ll eventually stay in her own room all night long. Cheers to more alone time with the hubby.


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