Boss Baby Review-Is it good for a Toddler?

We went to see Boss Baby the other day and to be honest I wasn’t that excited. I don’t really love many kids movies unless they are Disney so I had low expectations.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

A little boy is happy with with his Mom and Dad. He’s thrilled that he gets all their attention and love. Enter Boss Baby. His perfect life is shattered when a little, well dressed, bundle of joy comes to join their family. The kid isn’t thrilled to have a little brother but immediately notices something is off about the baby. He tries to point this out to his parents even stating that the baby wears a business suit and carries a briefcase but they only think it’s adorable not abnormal. One night the brother sneaks in and overhears the baby talking on the phone about a super secret mission. He ends up eventually befriending the baby and they work together to solve his secret mission so he can go back to the baby factory where he came from. The brother will then get his parents back along with their full attention. To know what happens at the end you’ll have to see the movie.


Overall the movie was okay. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t terrible so I would rate it in the middle. The plot was fine and there were some positive takeaways for kids.

Unfortunately, throughout the movie there were some really scary parts. For example, some of the babies become zombies and it’s pretty scary. Also, the brother has to walk down a long dark hallway that’s filled with scary things. It’s something little kids would definitely be afraid of. Also, there is some name-calling which I don’t love and really don’t add anything to the plot. If your toddler gets spooked easily I would say to pass on this film.

This movie is one you can pass on seeing and save yourself the $6! Also, my kids haven’t mentioned the movie one time since we left it and that’s a sign they didn’t really care about it. Moana was released last November and they constantly talk about it, sing the songs and play with their Moana toys daily. They also kept calling the movie, “Bad Baby,” instead of it’s proper title. I think Bad Baby is more fitting because it for sure couldn’t be called Good Baby. It’s a big thumbs down from me. It’s better to skip it and take your kids outside to play because at least  that’s a priceless experience.

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