Best Buttery Chardonnays

I love wine. You name the type and I think it’s wonderful. Everything about me screams wine snob: love to drink one that’s properly paired with foods, love to smell it before I drink it, I slowly breathe it in to let the aromas really sink in to my palette and I have a wine fridge. Yes, all these things point to one obvious truth,no I’m not an alcoholic, but that I’m indeed a fine wine enthusiast.

Recently, I’ve had an intense obsession with Chardonnay. I’m not sure what sparked my sudden interest in this variety. It honestly might have been because I tried a really great one and couldn’t get enough. I wanted to drink the entire bottle right then and there and that doesn’t happen to me very often. I really love the rich buttery flavor of a Chardonnay. Some are a little bit crisp to the taste but that’s not the kind I love or adore. I’m talking about the milky, buttery and intense nutty flavored Chards. I’ve read plenty of lists claiming that a certain Chard is buttery only to run out and buy it and find it was on the crisp side. I get total let down from those because it’s not the butter flavor I’m seeking and then it leaves me with a bottle of wine I don’t want to finish. After much seeking I have finally found a list of beautiful Chardonnays that are actually buttery. Here is my fantastic list:

I’ve read if you stick to a Northern California Chardonnay it tends to be more buttery. By the way I tried the new Butter Chardonnay that’s everywhere lately and it’s not buttery at all. I was super disappointed and almost felt like it was false advertising. I also tried the Diamond Collection Coppola Chardonnay and Yellowtail Chard and wasn’t impressed with either. I’ve tried so many others but they aren’t worth mentioning.

You won’t go wrong with the wines above but the Rombauer is around $38 so you may want to save that one for special occasions. My easy go-to one would be the Kendall Jackson (Usually around $11). It’s a favorite for any night of the week or a great one to wow party guests. I hope you enjoy this list and I would love to hear your suggestions for rich Chardonnays. I may stay on this variety until I try them all. Cheers!


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