21 Day Fix Review

So I promised I would do a review after I finished the 21 Day Fix. Here it goes…

The program works. I half-assed it and didn’t do the meal prep and only did the workouts and boy did I see a huge difference at the end of 21 days. I honestly didn’t lose much weight but I could tell my body was starting to look more muscular and I lost fat. Maybe I gained muscle? I could see for some how that could really be defeating though. If you step on the scale every morning and don’t see even a minor change. I did notice towards the end of the program that I dropped a couple pounds but nothing substantial. I was okay with not losing tons of weight because I mostly did it to build strength and endurance and it really helped me improve in both those areas.

The workouts are extremely difficult. They are not hard in the sense that you can’t do them easily at home but they are a tough 30 minutes every time. I never once felt like I could breeze through any of them. Also, it was always hard for me to get motivated. I don’t know if it’s because they were home workouts or because I knew they would be hard to get through but I just never felt like showing up to do it. Even though I didn’t feel like doing it daily I did and  I was always proud of myself when it was over and that’s what counts. I felt the exercises were slow placed and really easy to follow. Beginners should have no trouble doing any of these exercises. I have a hard time with dance moves or Zumba-type moves because I find them hard to follow and these videos had none of those. I also really loved how you do something new every day. You don’t do the entire body daily but focus on certain areas or even on relaxation with the Yoga video.

One thing I wish I knew before I started was that the Ab video is supposed to be done at least three times a week if you want to see results. I found out that tip on the last week of  my 21 Day Fix. I wish I had worked my abs that hard from the beginning because maybe I would have seen more results.

I would totally recommend this video to anyone who is physically able to do most excises. If you can stick to the video and do it for 21 days you will see results. I don’t care how you do it or when you do it but just do it and you’ll see a change. I think it’s good to manage expectations with this video though and not expect to drop 20 pounds in the program but use it more to give you a jump-start into making a lifestyle change. I honestly realized by doing this program that I’m not a person who wants to workout 7 days a week and the video does make you feel slightly guilty if you miss a day. It’s an extremely effective program if you give it your all for 3 weeks. One of their slogans is, “You can do anything for 21 days,” and it’s true you can. I dare you to give it a shot. If you’ve been thinking about trying it then give it a try. What do you have to lose? The change starts with you so I’d encourage you to spend the money and start today.

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